Puklina Plant

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The construction of the first modern lime plant in Bulgaria began in the locality of Puklina, between Slivnitsa and Dragoman in 1997. In May 1999 the enterprise was commissioned. At the end of 2011 a second lime kiln was put into operation.

The plant operates using new modern technology and know-how of the Cimprogetti Company, Italy. The firing of the limestone takes place in two Chim-Reverci twin-shaft reversible lime kilns which produce quality lime, satisfying the high requirements of the European standards.
The process of firing, hydration, packaging and palletizing of the products is fully automated.

The plant has its own quarry located in close proximity to the place of production. The limestone turned out from it is of very high quality, which is the base for the production of high quality products. Amongst the most positive characteristics of the raw limestone are the high CaO content and the low MgO content (under 1%). In addition, the relatively high density of the limestone should be noted. These parameters give us ground to believe that the limestone quarried in Puklina is one of the best in this country.