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The success of Ognyanovo K JSC is directly related to the identification and satisfaction of the specific requirements of each individual customer.

When adding the good financial conditions and the reliability of deliveries we get the profitable formula of confidence amongst our clients. And among them are the biggest Bulgarian companies in areas such as:
   Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy

   Mining and quarrying industry

   Power generation


   Pulp and paper

   Chemical industry

   Utilities and environmental protection

We strive to develop sustainable relationships with our clients based on fundamental principles such as:

  Trust based on the interest in the problems and needs of the client

  Respect based on the perception of the client as an equal partner

  Value based on offering mutually beneficial terms

  Open communication that allows us to assist our client and to add value

  A constructive dialogue that helps us discuss different points of view and better understand client’s needs

  Responsibility – we firmly keep our word