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OGNYANOVO K HYDRATED LIME is a present-day step forward in the development of the lime industry. It is in the form of ready to use lime putty powder. It has a high water retention ability and plasticity. These account for the good workability of the lime mortars and the high adhesion effect to stone, concrete, AAC, ceramics, as well as to already solidified plaster surfaces. The building-type lime has well expressed disinfecting properties.

The mortars and plasters made from it, after hardening, are very porous, enabling the breathing of the walls. In this way a pleasant and healthy climate is created in the premises.


Several factors are of great importance for the high quality of the Ognyanovo K Hydrated Lime:

   The active oxides (calcium and magnesium) content is a guarantee for its strength and plasticity.

   It contains no unslaked particles – thus avoiding any danger of peeling off, bursts, cracks and deformations in the plastering.

   Fine grinding and high yield of lime pulp per unit dry substance ensure its economical effect in using the product.

   Snow-white colour, of exceptional importance for decorative plastering and in painting.


Chemical Requirements
CaO+MgO (%)* ≥ 90
MgO (%) ≤ 5
CO2 (%) ≤ 4
SO3 (%) ≤ 2
Physical Requirements
Grounding fineness – residue on screen
0,09 mm ≤ 7
0,2 mm ≤ 2
Free water (%) ≤ 2
Volume stability acc. to Le Chatelier (mm) ≤ 20
Bulk density (kg/dm3) От 0,3 до 0,6
Classification as per EN 459-1:2010
Calcium (white) lime CL 90-Q

*Total content of oxides on the basis of dry and free from chemically bound water product

Ognyanovo K Hydrated Lime meets the effective Bulgarian and European standard BDS EN 459-1:2010.
The modern technology and the highly qualified staff of the company guarantee the stable quality.

Due to the modern technologies and equipment applied, Ognyanovo K Hydrated Lime merges the positive properties of traditionally used types of lime and some particularly important user qualities for the binding agents:

• It is used directly in construction as a finished product.

• It contains no large size particles and has the form of a homogeneous powder-type substance.

• It needs no slaking and continuous curing (at least 7 days for masonries and 14 days for plasters) as required by the quick lime.

• It is easily transported unlike the lime putty.

• Depending on the particular needs it can be supplied in tanks or palletized (packed in bags).

• It needs no special storage conditions.

• It can be dosed in dry and is easily mixed with additional materials.

Ognyanovo K Hydrated Lime is offered in 25 kg bags which are arranged and stretch foil-packed on a wooden pallet – 1.5 t. It is also offered in bulk.

Declaration of Performance

Safety Data Sheet

REACH Registration

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