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Ognyanovo K JSC is a subsidiary of Plena Bulgaria, which is a company of Plena Holding SA.

Plena group was founded as a Swedish family investment company in 1980. The name of the company Plena comes from the Latin phrase ‘in plenum’ – meaning to involve everyone in a common goal. Now it is an investment house based in Luxemburg that mainly focuses on emerging markets.

Plena has over the years operated companies in several countries in mature as well as developing and early stage markets. It has held assets in most sectors of industry and commerce. Plena Group focuses on emerging markets such as MENA, Africa and the Far East in industries such as Construction, Energy, Finance and Venture Capital.

Small and large companies are entangled in Plena Holding’s activity in order to form a powerful and dynamic complex, due to which the Holding has a successful presence in the world market.