Fraction 2 – 3 mm

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Fraction 2 – 3 mm

OGNYANOVO K FODDER INDUSTRY CHALK is a product, prepared by a special selection of limestone, rich in calcium, additionally processed through purifying, breakage and sifting out. The careful selection guarantees high content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

The product is especially suitable as a unique supplement to fodders and foods for all farm animals, and for pets as well.

✓ Content of calcium (Ca) % ≥38,5

✓ Content of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) % ≥97

✓ Content of ashes, insoluble in 5% hydrochloric acid % ≤1,5

✓ Content of sand % ≤2,0

Grain Measures: opportunity for different kinds of fractions, depending on the clients’ needs

The Fodder Industry Chalk, produced by OGNYANOVO K AD, is subject to analyses in accredited laboratories of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. As a result, Registration Certificate 190/4.09.2017 has been issued.