History of Ognyanovo K

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The history of the enterprise dates back to 1925, when Peshterlievi brothers built several lime pits at the foot of Besaparski Hills next to Maritsa Railway Station, currently Ognyanovo Railway Station – Pazardzhik Municipality.


Nationalization – it was transformed into a state enterprise. Production expanded, new capacities were built.


Lime kilns 1, 2, 3 and 4 were put into operation.


Lime kilns 6, 7 and 8 were put into operation.


Consolidation. In Pazardzhik was established the Aggregates and Lime Production Enterprise. It incorporated a variety of activities that were carried out using a lot of manual labor.


Lime kilns 9 and 10 were put into operation. A number of improvements were carried out with respect to the yield and the firing technology of the limestone.


The Aggregates and Lime Production Enterprise was included in the Building Materials Corporation.


In the beginning of the year the largest in Bulgaria at that time workshop for production of hydrated lime was put into operation.


The Aggregates and Lime Production Enterprise was incorporated in the Building Materials Economic Association as a part of the Aggregates Combine, Sofia.


On December 12 a decision was taken at the meeting of the commissioners of the subsidiary Aggregates and Lime Production, Pazardzhik on its transformation into an independent company.


On June 25 by a decision 3005 the Pazardzhik Regional Court registered a state company named Ognyanovo K. On November 15 the company was transformed into a single-member limited liability company.


On June 23 Plena Bulgaria Company became a majority owner of Ognyanovo K JSC.
The first modern lime kiln at Puklina Plant was put into operation.


On November 1 the second lime kiln at Puklina Plant was put into operation.