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The website (“Website”) is owned and managed by Ognyanovo K AD. We realize that as a visitor to our Website, you might have questions, related to the information that you provide, as well as to the way we process that information.
With the present Privacy Policy we would like to explain what kind of information we collect at our Website and how we use it. This Privacy Policy concerns only the information collected on this Website and does not concern information, collected and processed by Ognyanovo K AD on the grounds of other legal methods, liable to other kind of regulation.

The information we collect

In case you have chosen to fill in a contact form on our Website, you are asked to provide some personal data, such as your name, telephone number, e-mail, address, as it is in your ID, and other personal information, according to the specific character of the service or your order. The information collected is processed by Ognyanovo K AD with the only purpose to provide to you the services you asked for, as well as to contact you as our clients.
You are not obliged to and we do not require you to provide personal information to browse our Website or in order to have access to the greater part of its content.
In case that at your own free will and by your decision you publicly announce your own personal data, specific details or other information about you and your actions on the publicly accessible sections of our Website, you should be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not applied in relation to this information and respectively Ognyanovo K AD does not bear responsibility.

Your rights

You have:
• The right of access to your personal data, processed by Ognyanovo K AD;
• The right to ask for appropriate corrections, erasure or blocking of your personal data and the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data when there are legal reasons
• The right to be informed before disclosing your personal data for the first time to third parties and they are used on their behalf for the needs of the direct marketing, thus giving you the opportunity to object to the disclosure and use of data.
• The right to refuse processing of your personal data for the purposes of the direct marketing.

If you would like to use your right of access to your personal data or to correct them, you may contact us in the most convenient way for you.

The methods for collection and exchange of personal information that we use are:
– A contact form, servicing our clients’ orders;
– E-mail

The e-mail you submitted is used for the following:
– Identification of your orders, submitted through the contact form, or other online channel for servicing clients

Cookies Policy

Usage of cookies

Cookies are small pieces of text or information, stored by your Internet browser on your computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone when you visit various websites. The main purpose of cookies is to distinguish the visitor each time he/she comes back to the Website. Some cookies have a more specific function, for example to remember the user’s actions on the website and to facilitate his/her experience when using the Website. You can find more information about cookies on the web.

How are cookies used on this Website?

We use cookies on this Website mainly to make the user’s experience easier, to improve the way it works and to store information about the user’s behavior. We do not store personal data in this process, i.e. by using cookies you cannot be identified on the Ognyanovo K AD Website, which means the GDPR is not applied in relation to the collection of this information. The information collected by cookies is generally used to analyze the user’s behavior on the Website, which gives us the opportunity to improve the functionality and the content of the Website.

What kinds of cookies are used on this Website?

Session cookies
This kind of cookies makes your experience on the website easier and exists only in temporary memory, while the user navigates the website. Normally the information stored by these cookies is related to what products you have added to the cart of the online shop, which pages of the website you have visited and how you have reached certain information. Session cookies do not collect information from your end device. Web browsers normally delete session cookies when the user closes the browser.

Persistent cookies
They give us the opportunity to store certain information about your surfing on the website, such as analyzing the visits on the site, how you reached the Website, what pages you visited, what options you chose, as well as what you visited next. This information gives us the opportunity to make improvements to the Website, including to correct mistakes and to enlarge the content. The lifespan of these cookies varies depending on their specific purpose.

Third-party cookies
There are links to other sites on our Website, as well as content from other sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. It is possible when you visit these sites or open some of their content, cookies from these websites to be stored on your computer. These cookies are called third-party cookies. Ognyanovo K AD cannot control the process of generating and managing these cookies. So we recommend that you search information about them and the way they are managed on the websites of the respective third parties.

How can I manage the use of cookies on this Website?
All browsers allow the management of cookies from a specially designed folder on your browser. You can block cookies, delete all or a part of them or you can manage your settings as you prefer before visiting Please, have in mind that deleting or blocking cookies might have negative influence on the functions of our Website, thence on your experience.

Blocking of cookies
Controlling or blocking cookies is managed by the settings of your browser. On the web you can find additional information on how you can control cookies in various browsers. Please, have in mind that blocking all kinds of cookies might affect the functionality of the Website, its effectiveness and the access to certain information.
Internet Explorer | Firefox | Chrome | Safari | Opera | Blackberry | Safari iOS | Windows Mobile.

All cookies used on this Website are erased or automatically deleted after a certain period of time. This period varies, according to the purpose of the certain cookie, the maximum period being 365 days.

The present Privacy Policy was updated on April 27, 2018.
The present version of this document is accessible on the corporate website.
This policy is approved by the Managing Director.

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