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April 14, 2024

‘Proud of My Parents’ Work’, Project 2015

Ognyanovo K for the third consecutive year hosted and welcomed not only its employees children but also guests coming from the St. Antim Veterinary Center. The event was held at the Puklina Lime Plant near Slivnitsa.
It is part of the ‘Proud of My Parents’ Work’ initiative of the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria.

Adolescents aged 9 -13 learned more about the values of labour and education, were given illustrative examples of how important the role of each employee in the general working process was and got acquainted with the specifics of the professions engineer, mechanic and laboratory assistant.
Inspired by the activity and enthusiasm of our children in the last years editions of the project, this year again we put in focus the values of work, the diligence and education, as well as our intention to assist them in their future career orientation.

Adolescents had the opportunity to get much new knowledge of limestone – one of the most common minerals in nature, its conversion into various products and their widespread use. The children visiting us were not just listening to lectures on professional guidance, but also participated directly in a laboratory experiment experiencing  the thrill of the discoverer.